白 Trapper // 25 yo
A page to keep my drawings ^^v
Another Smurfs art trade~ Gutsy, Tailor, and OC Primarella ^^
Quick draw before sleeptime.. (u3u) 
Hefty with baby Vanity..!
Smurfy art trade, she asked for Hefty and Handy… >///> 
Hefty and Vanity
My half of an art trade—she asked for Gutsy and Tailor ~(-u-)~ 
A bunch of scrapped drawing ideas combined ~(-u-)~
Vanity with some Hefty :) 
V: Isn’t it hard?
H: Don’t worry, we’re nearly there.
V: …Thank you, Hefty… 
Commission of Bobby Drake aka Iceman and Sam Alexander aka Nova! ;) 
-hides in shame- 
People who like Smurfs always gave me this unique weird vibe.. Never would I have expected to become one of them… 

I changed my icon to Chekov..!  ~(^ ^ )~ 

é  3  û    —    5:23pm
Commission of three awesome characters, Alask, Raihane, and Satobi of The Mitratgul Legacy! 

Sorry to those who are waiting on commissions! I have a bunch of excuses but just letting you know I’m going to be getting right to them… I’ve had a several things happen (people moving out, ER visit, toddler who doesn’t like naptime, etc…). Thanks for understanding ^__^

é  3  û    —    11:17pm
Because Kristoff is the best 
Commission :) With Cassie Lang (Stature), OC Taryn, Billy Kaplan (Wiccan), Sam Alexander (Nova), Teddy Altman (Hulkling), Brandon Sharpe (Striker), Idie Okonkwo (Oya), and OC Perry!